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In 1976, I started working for a company call Datalogics in Chicago. Over the course of the next 17 years, I was the architect ad primary developer of a batch composition product called Pager, first for the PDP-11/45 and 70, and then the DEC VAX.

Datalogics still exists, and Pager continues to be sold. Datalogics went through a long road, being acquired by Frame, Frame by Adobe, and then spun back off as an independent company. I moved from Chicago to California during the Frame transition, and I continue to work at Adobe.

There were a number of interesting products that we developed:

Right now there are a few area of content:

Information on MS Charity rides I have done, and, specifically, the MS Waves to Wine in September 2004 and pictures from 2004.

Pictures and narratives from various bicycle trips I have done