Bicycle Vacation/ Trip pictures

I'm lucky that I get to travel for both business and pleasure. On multi-week trips, I take my BikeFriday Pocket Rocket (the yellow bike you see in the pictures with me). It folds into a suitcase, and there are no extra airline charges for shipping. I bought the bike in November 2003, and below are a few pictures from various trips.

Bicycle Adventures Bryce and Zion, May 2003

Cannes to St. Tropez, France, February 2004

North of Amsterdam, April 2004

from our Trip to Netherlands

North of Stockholm, May 2004

Chilterns (Northwest of London) May 2004

MS Waves to Wine September 2004

I also have information about MS rides, including Waves to Wine

OATBRAN September-October 2004

Pictures from my trip across Nevada in OATBRAN and a narrative version is here. This was done on my regular road bike, not the BikeFriday.

MS New York City October 2004